[TL install] Confusing final message in case of symlinks

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Mar 19 23:52:57 CET 2019

    - "create symlinks to standard directories" (text install)
    - "Create symlinks in system directories" (GUI install)

    (BTW, why not the same string?)

I don't know what happens in the GUI or on Windows, but for the text
installer, the default is /usr/local/whatever. I think "standard
directory" is a better description than "system directory" for that;
with "system directory", I'd expect the links to be made in (say)
/usr/bin. (Clearly not a default we would want.)

Siep, if you agree, please go ahead and change the GUI string. If you
don't agree, that's fine too, the world will go on :).

    has been chosen, the final message:
    should not be displayed, as it is confusing and would lead to
    useless extra configurations.

Hmm. I agree you have a point, although I think the symlink option is so
problematic for reliability and maintenance that I don't like to do
anything that suggests that people use it or rely on those links. Will
contemplate. --thanks, karl.

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