Linux .desktop equivalents to Windows Start menu shortcuts

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at
Tue Mar 19 09:48:20 CET 2019

út 19. 3. 2019 v 3:06 odesílatel Joel C. Salomon
<joelcsalomon at> napsal:
> After using TeXLive on Windows for a few years, I’ve just installed it
> (2019 pretest) on my Ubuntu system. I’m wondering—
> Is there any set of .desktop files around, which would correspond to
> the Start menu shortcuts installed under Windows?
I think it is not created by the installer but there is a xdg system
which allows to add TL to the start menu of Linux GUI and by standard
tools you can make a desktop icon. Anyway, I do not know what you
exactly need. If you use a text editor and launch TeX from its
toolbar, then you need an editor in the menu/desktop, not TeX Live.
The editors are part of Linux distributions and they already have
entries in the menu. You could need an icon for tlmgr for maintenance.

I tried to create menu entries and .desktop files by an installer
script for another project, I have it in bash. If the TL developers
like, I can make them available.

> —Joel C. Salomon

Zdeněk Wagner

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