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Denis Bitouzé dbitouze at
Sun Mar 17 21:17:07 CET 2019

Le 17/03/19 à 21h15, Denis Bitouzé a écrit :

> Le 17/03/19 à 13h21, Taylor, P a écrit :
>>   5.  I note that the installation of TeX Live 2019 (pre-test) has added an
>> entry to my start menu : "DVIOUT DVI viewer", and that new file associations
>> have been created for (perhaps amongst others) .eps, .ps, .pdf and a number of
>> image formats.  I would prefer to be asked whether such entries & associations
>> should be created.
> I fully agree, though I'm not a Windows user. But numerous people
> I helped to install TL on Windows complained about this new default
> viewer for their `.pdf' files (which is ugly and, the last time
> I checked it, has much less features compared to SumatraPDF or even
> Acrobat Reader). The default viewer for `.pdf' files should be left
> intact.
> At most, DVIOUT could be the default viewer for `.dvi' and `.eps'
> files.

I forgot: image viewers should be left intact as well.

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