pretesting please

Taylor, P P.Taylor at
Sun Mar 17 20:28:48 CET 2019

Hallo again Siep —

>> OK, is it possible that when I went to the new advanced screen and set
>> some options there that it forgot that I had changed things in the main
>> dialogue box ?
> The advanced screen only adds to the basic screen, and the More...
> screen adds still more, and all the old options are still there.
> These are the user versions. I guess you meant to edit the system
> versions below, which you left untouched:

No, I did not even know that I could change the local ones at the time I 
changed the system ones, then I went to the "More" screen, was delighted 
to see I could now change TeXMFSysLocal and even more delighted to see I 
could change the ".texlive" to something more meaningful, which I did.  
But I did not go back and remove my earlier changes to the system 
directory hierarchies ...

> Then choose 'none' for file associations and define your file
> associations via the Open or Open with entry from the right-click
> menu in windows' File Explorer.
> Try choosing 'Launcher entry' for Desktop integration. You can
> create your own ini file if you want another selection in the
> launcher; see the tlaunch documentation.

Excellent, will try both once once this bundle of papers for the Court 
is finally put to bed.

** Phil.

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