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Sun Mar 17 17:13:55 CET 2019

On Sun, Mar 17, 2019 at 01:21:58PM +0000, Taylor, P wrote:
> Taylor, P wrote:
> [...]
> More (perhaps) when the installation has completed.
> More now.
>   1.  The installation appears to have completed without hiccoughs, and the installation log reports only minor problems concerning the system path.
>   2.  After adjusting the system path, a 96pp legal document on which I was working (using TL 2018) continues to compile successfully under TeX Live 2019 (pre-test).
>   3.  However, a 553pp Catalogue of Greek MSS in the Lambeth Palace Library which uses locally-provided support for Hebrew now fails to compile, reporting :
> \key= (MS1214f91rdetail)
> ! e-TeX error: language hebrew undefined..
> \et at xmsg ...lines =0 \errmessage {e-TeX error: #2}
> \else \message {\n ! e-TeX...
> ...
> l.39 ...foreign direction="RTL" language="Hebrew">
> אחר</foreign>≈” for lection
> ?
>   4.  The error reported in (3), above, caused me to look to see if by some mischance TeX Live 2019 (pre-test) was not using the path for TeXMFlocal that I had specified at installation time (C:\TeX\Live\TeXMF\Local); this was indeed the case (it has created C:\TeX\Live\texmf-local), and, worse, it has also ignored all of my other path customisations, creating C:\TeX\Live\2019\texmf-config and C:\TeX\Live\2019\texmf-var rather than C:\TeX\Live\2019\TeXMF\Config and C:\TeX\Live\2019\TeXMF\Var as specified to the installer.

I cannot exactly reproduce this: if I create the texmf subdirectory
beforehand then the choices are respected; if not, the installer
ends with an error message

mkdir(C:\texlive\2019\texmf\var/) failed: No such file or directory
at W:/systems/texlive/tlpretest/tlpkg/TeXLive/ line 913,
<STDIN> line 212.

whereas the text-mode installer has no problem. Am looking into

>   5.  I note that the installation of TeX Live 2019 (pre-test) has added an entry to my start menu :  "DVIOUT DVI viewer", and that new file associations have been created for (perhaps amongst others) .eps, .ps, .pdf and a number of image formats.  I would prefer to be asked whether such entries & associations should be created.

That is what the 'Desktop integration'- and 'File associations'
options are for.

Siep Kroonenberg

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