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More (perhaps) when the installation has completed.

More now.

  1.  The installation appears to have completed without hiccoughs, and the installation log reports only minor problems concerning the system path.

  2.  After adjusting the system path, a 96pp legal document on which I was working (using TL 2018) continues to compile successfully under TeX Live 2019 (pre-test).

  3.  However, a 553pp Catalogue of Greek MSS in the Lambeth Palace Library which uses locally-provided support for Hebrew now fails to compile, reporting :
\key= (MS1214f91rdetail)

! e-TeX error: language hebrew undefined..

\et at xmsg ...lines =0 \errmessage {e-TeX error: #2}

\else \message {\n ! e-TeX...


l.39 ...foreign direction="RTL" language="Hebrew">

אחר</foreign>≈” for lection


  4.  The error reported in (3), above, caused me to look to see if by some mischance TeX Live 2019 (pre-test) was not using the path for TeXMFlocal that I had specified at installation time (C:\TeX\Live\TeXMF\Local); this was indeed the case (it has created C:\TeX\Live\texmf-local), and, worse, it has also ignored all of my other path customisations, creating C:\TeX\Live\2019\texmf-config and C:\TeX\Live\2019\texmf-var rather than C:\TeX\Live\2019\TeXMF\Config and C:\TeX\Live\2019\TeXMF\Var as specified to the installer.

  5.  I note that the installation of TeX Live 2019 (pre-test) has added an entry to my start menu :  "DVIOUT DVI viewer", and that new file associations have been created for (perhaps amongst others) .eps, .ps, .pdf and a number of image formats.  I would prefer to be asked whether such entries & associations should be created.

Philip Taylor
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