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Taylor, P P.Taylor at
Sun Mar 17 11:44:43 CET 2019

Karl Berry wrote:

Hi everyone - if you have any chance of installing the TL pretest and
trying it out on your documents, please do!

Please report any problems, and thanks,

First rsynch late yesterday evening, first test install this morning.  Initial feedback :

  1.  The "Browser for and/or edit" interface to select the root of the installation ends up presenting the user with mixed-direction slashes, even if he/she has not typed a slash into any of the dialogue boxes
  2.  The "Collections" dialogue box is very unclear — when one attempts to de-select a language or another collection, the bullet turns black rather than white, and it is only when one clicks elsewhere that the "cleared" rather than "selected" state becomes apparent.
  3.  The ability to individually tweak the settings presented by the initially-concealed advanced options menu is much appreciated.

More (perhaps) when the installation has completed.

Philip Taylor
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