Setting a repo through tlmgr gui (pretest)

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Sat Mar 9 03:24:11 CET 2019

** Siep Kroonenberg [2019-03-08 11:18:42 +0100]:

> On Fri, Mar 08, 2019 at 09:59:51AM +0000, Lars Madsen wrote:
>> In addition, isn't the new tcl interface that is available for
>> Windows and Mac, available for Linux users?
> The Perl/Tk GUI is an extension of the command-line tlmgr. However,
> the new GUIs, tlcockpit (Java) and tlshell (Tcl/Tk) are separate
> programs: the GUI starts up first, and starts tlmgr as back end.

I'm sorry to hijack the thread but while translating messages to Russian
I faced with two places with "backend"s:

  "Error while reading from Perl backend"


  "Unexpected closed backend"

If I understand the above paragraph correctly, the last one means the
tlmgr as backend. The first message seems to be crystal clear: the tlmgr
as it is written in Perl. Both messages appear in install-gui so they
might be shown only during installation. Even if I'm right about the
meaning of second message, both messages look too be a bit, imho,
techinal. If they are tightly related with tlmgr may be just say about
> Note. The same is basically true for the installer GUIs.  Although on
> Unix the tcl GUI is started by the install-tl perl script, this is
> only by sleight of hand: first install-tl decides whether a tcl
> interface is decided, and if so, it transfers control to the tcl
> script, which starts install-tl again, but now as back end. Running
> the tcl script directly works just as well.  We just did not want to
> clutter the installer root with more programs than we could help.

So actually when installing the TeX Live using GUI/Tcl the backend is
'install-tl' not tlmgr, or 'install-tl' itself runs 'tlmgr' as backend?
IMHO, it's too involved, the simple 'backend' (with some explanation
about 'backend's in view of 'install-tl') will be good.

> -- Siep Kroonenberg

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