PDF viewer that accepts a "starting page" and runs on Windows and Macs

Eduardo Ochs eduardoochs at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 03:40:16 CET 2019

Hi list,

is there a PDF viewer - ideally something that comes with texlive, but
other ones are ok - that accepts a "starting page" option and that
runs on Windows and Macs?

Let me explain why I'm asking this. I'm going to give a course on
LaTeX and Lua and I'm going to use "elisp hyperlinks to pages of
PDFs", like the ones here,


a lot. The students are going to use machines with GNU/Linux, TeXLive,
Emacs and xpdf in the laboratory and I'm planning to sort of force
them to install something similar in their own computers, but it would
be great if I could create a setup that also works on Windows and

    Eduardo Ochs
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