FC_WEIGHT didn't match

Bob Tennent rdtennent at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 14:47:28 CET 2019

 >|The actual answer to your question is 'don't worry about

 >|FC_WEIGHT refers to the weight of a font (light, bold,
 >|regular, ExtraBold etc). This message can *only* arise
 >|when you are using FontConfig, and Ghostscript is
 >|enumerating the available fonts from font config, trying
 >|to find a match for a missing font in the input. This
 >|means that a candidate font did not match the target
 >|font's weight.

According to fontforge, my pplr8a.pfb (a real Adobe
Palatino, renamed for use with LaTeX) has a weight of
"medium", whereas uplr8a.pfb (the texlive version of
Palatino) and p0520031.pfb (the CentOS version) have a
weight of "Roman", which is presumably why fontconfig thinks
the former doesn't match the weight specified by dvips.
Sigh. Surely "Roman" isn't a weight!

Using builtin35 with dvips and then ps2pdf is evidently not
a good idea, so I'll follow that advice and not worry about

Bob T.

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