tlmgr: temporary directories not cleaned up

Johannes Hielscher jhielscher at
Tue Mar 5 17:09:42 CET 2019


Some behaviour of tlmgr puzzles me. In my temporary directory
(TEMP=/tmp/user/$UID under Debian), each run of `tlmgr update --self
--all` (nothing else tried yet) creates a directory named with ten
random characters (upper-/lowercase, and underscores), that contains
files and subdirectories of equally obfuscated names. Each folder takes
some 14 MB disk space worth of checksums, GPG stuff, and (most notably)
a copy of texlive.tlpkg.

I strongly suspect these are temporary files created for package
download/configuration etc., and should not persist beyond the
execution of tlmgr. But they do. Is some "Keep me for debug reasons"
flag still in action?


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