Suggestion to make "-gui tcl" default installer option (at least on macOS)

Uwe Siart usenet at
Mon Mar 4 17:47:35 CET 2019

Enrico Gregorio <enrico.gregorio at> writes:

> I concur. Running 
> sudo ./install-tl -gui
> produces warnings about Tk missing in Perl, whereas
> sudo ./install-tl -gui tcl
> works out of the box.

Here's what i observed during install of pretest on Win7. I wonder if it
could be related:

- I ran install-tl-advanced.bat as administrator from a local copy of
  the pretest repository.

- Installation ran through smoothly. I also saw the post-install
  actions. But in the very end I didn't see the usual welcome message.
  Instead the tk window froze (no response) and in the parallel running
  command window some text lines were flickering rapidly up and down
  (looked like a severe crash).

- This didn't stop until I killed it with Ctrl-C.

- The TL installation works fine and seems to be sound, though.


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