Suggestion to make "-gui tcl" default installer option (at least on macOS)

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at
Sun Mar 3 14:51:17 CET 2019


What do you think about making "-gui tcl" the default option for
installer, at least on the Mac? Windows is already using GUI by

With Perl/Tk this would have been a bit of a problem due to strange
dependencies, but on the Mac Tcl/Tk comes with the OS. I'm not exactly
sure what's the earliest version that would properly support it, but I
tested in on 10.6 (the oldest one currently supported with binaries)
and it seems to work fine there.

(Of course one would need to make sure that there is some display
attached, so that the gui doesn't fire up when working via ssh.)


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