Another issue with luatex finding .sty files

Urs Liska lists at
Tue Jul 30 15:58:54 CEST 2019

I'm pulling my hair because I don't understand this weird behaviour ...

I have a number of my own packages where the local installation should be used instead the TL
versions. Which *mostly* works, with one exception.

  $ kpsewhich --progname xelatex lyluatex.sty

  $ kpsewhich --progname lualatex lyluatex.sty

  $ kpsewhich --progname xelatex lilyglyphs.sty

  $ kpsewhich --progname lualatex lilyglyphs.sty

With lyluatex.sty both xelatex find the file in the local tree, but with lilyglyphts.sty xelatex finds it correctly while lualatex suddenly finds the TL version.

`git-latex` included in both ~/texmf/tex/latex and ~/texmf/tex/luatexare symlinks to a parent directory of my own packages. Which has always worked and now works also for all the other packages below that parent directory.

I'm also surprised that lualatex finds the "correct" lyluatex.sty through the tex/latex subdirectory. I was once told to use tex/luatex in order to prevent lualatex to first search the full installation before the local tree.

The only thing I can think of is some cache where an older access of the package stored.
Any other suggestion? It seems I can't remove an individual package with tlmgr that has been installed as part of a collection, isn't it?

Thank you for any advice

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