Relative paths with windows path separator does not work in TeXlive2019.

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> Hi
> pá 26. 7. 2019 v 11:32 odesílatel Kirill Balunov
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> >
> > Hmm, thanks again. It is clear that everything is not easy with this
> option. Then what do you think about the additional option
> `-input-directory=` that will also be as good as  `-output-directory=`?  Or
> do you think this is an overkill for this?
> >
> If I call TeX from a script, I prefer doing "cd" to the directory with
> the files and work in the current directory. It solves a lot of
> potential problems.

Yes, it is what I'm doing right now, after reading several similar
questions on tex.stackexchange ( I have to admit that there are lots of
questions on this subject), because the general suggestion there is, like
you said, to `cd` to the directory with the files and work in the current
directory. But for me it is perceived as a workaround, to a certain extent,
the imposition of other people's preferences in the workflow. I love
freedom :))), so I think that it can be done better.

> In addition, the script can test the retern code
> from "cd" so that it can exit with a reasonable error message if the
> directory does not exist. If you try to work with other directories,
> you can, of course, implements tests for nonexistent files and
> nonexistent -output-directory, but it would IMHO require more code.
Yes at the moment if it is a user provided path, before the `cd` in the
directory, I check if it exists and what permissions does it have. My own
use case is the creation of many small .tex files and then the generation
of animation, like in I prefer to make these
files in distinct directories (because I put some additional files with
them). So I have many input directories and one output directory. And it
just so happened that it would be more convenient for me to generate one
line for the system call, but this, of course, is a matter of taste.

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