Relative paths with windows path separator does not work in TeXlive2019.

Kirill Balunov kirillbalunov at
Thu Jul 25 23:22:54 CEST 2019

Hi all! I'm new here, so apologize in advance if I choose the wrong mailing
list. I looked through the archive and found that to some extent this has
already been discussed here: "Passing a valid
Windows path and file name to *TeX in TeXlive". At the end of this thread
Akira Kakuto wrote:

> In TeX Live 2015, not this year,  all of the following work on windows:
> pdftex test-test
> pdftex test-t~1
> pdftex c:/somedirectory/test-t~1
> pdftex c:/somedi~1/test-t~1
> pdftex c:\somedi~1\test-t~1
> but then wrote that '/' should be used instead of '\' even on windows.  Yes
it really works thank you.  Unfortunately this only works for absolute
paths (e.g. C:\path\to\tex\file.tex), but does not work with relative paths
(e.g. .\tex\file.tex). Would you consider to implement of such a

Strange, but in some situations relative paths work, while in others it
does not work. For example this will work however in  -output-directory I
use relative path with Windows separators '\':

$ latex -interaction=batchmode -halt-on-error
-output-directory=".\Tex\local" "./Tex/test.tex"

but this one does not work (and no error is produced):

$ latex -interaction=batchmode -halt-on-error
-output-directory=".\Tex\local" ".\Tex\test.tex"

The only change is ".\Tex\test.tex" instead of  "./Tex/test.tex".  If I
specify the file using an absolute path, both options will work ( with "\"
and "/" separators.

Thank you!

with kind regards,
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