Lua files as examples

Urs Liska lists at
Thu Jul 25 23:15:25 CEST 2019

25. Juli 2019 22:54, "Karl Berry" <karl at> schrieb:

> But they also have to be *found* as Lua modules from the manual,
> respectively its luaformattersmanual.sty.
> I don't know what that means. "Lua modules from the manual"?
> Are you saying those .lua files need to be found by any documents using
> your package, or are they specifically for your manual?

Sorry for being unclear.
I mean that in the manual is something to the effect of "require(examples/example.lua)" *and* \inputminted{lua}{examples/example.lua}. These .lua files are *listed in* and *used by* the manual. But they are not needed for *using* the package.

> Generally there is no need for the TL import script, let alone users, to
> rerun your manual, since you will (presumably) provide a preformatted
> pdf.

I do, but I thought it was a requirement that the manuals (or any other resources) should be reproducible from the sources.

> Anyway, the answer is that the doc tree is not searched for .lua files
> (or .sty or anything else). However, it is true that the current
> directory is always searched, so if luatex is being run in the directory
> with the .tex, a sibling .lua (and .sty and so forth) will be found. -k

OK, so it *should* work as it is now, and given your previous comment I think it's ok to just try it out.


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