Packages that only have Lua files

Petra Ruebe-Pugliese petra at
Sat Jul 20 09:37:45 CEST 2019

Hi Martin,

I saw this question and was so happy not to have to work out a
reply, given that it was _not_ addressed to the CTAN team  ;-)

On Sat 20 Jul 2019 at 08:43:19 +0200  Martin Sievers <martin at> wrote:
> Am 20.07.19 um 06:29 schrieb Eduardo Ochs:
> > Hi List,
> > 
> > Are there any examples on CTAN of packages that are made of Lua files
> > only,

 Actually, I don't know.  I can't remember any and would have to
 devise a shrewd strategy for finding them, if they exist.

 Maybe the author of such a package could come forward and
 draw our attention to it ...

 In any case:  I doesn't matter. 
 There is a "first" for everything.
 Everything that has to do, in one way or another, with TeX &
 friends, is welcome on CTAN.

> > except for documentation? I have this package here, that I would
> > like to submit to CTAN soon - i.e., in a few months - that is like
> > that...
> > [...]

 Finding the right CTAN location might of course be a problem,
 but, as you say, we have still a few months to think about this  :-)
> Hello,
> you could/should ask the CTAN team at ctan at  as well.

 No need for asking again now.

 Whatever is okay for TL is okay for CTAN, although the reverse
 is not true.
> Best regards
> Martin

   Petra  (from CTAN)

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