Undesirable nul file with tlmgr.bat under Windows

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Fri Jul 19 03:34:26 CEST 2019

Hi Torsten, 

thanks for your debugging, this is all strange.

> DEBUG cmd = wget http://mirror.ctan.org --timeout=30 -O nul 2>&1

>     my $cmd = "$wget $mirror --timeout=$NetworkTimeout -O "
> !              . (win32() ? "nul" : "/dev/null")
> !              . " 2>&1 >" . (win32() ? "nul" : "/dev/null");

So you *DO* get win32() == true ... in contrast to what you send me.

It seems that
- if the program is started via tlmgr.bat, perl detects is a Windows.
- the redirection in the .bat file to nul works
- the -O nul does NOT work because wget thinks different

So this is really messed up situation, and now I somehow agree with
Reinhard that mixing .bat Windows files with cygwin seems not an optimal

What puzzles me is that with the abov change one should *still* get the
nul file from the -O, so maybe my theory is still not correct.

> DEBUG cmd = wget http://mirror.ctan.org --timeout=30 -O nul 2>&1 >nul
> than it seems to work. At least for this test case. Here is the diff

Very very strange ...

Any cygwin knowledgable participants here?



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