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Wed Jul 17 15:10:31 CEST 2019

Hello all,

I'm preparing a package for upload to CTAN in the (hopefully) near future, and I have one question related to some included Lua files.

The package itself consists of a .sty file, one .lua file next to it, and a few submodules in a subfolder, which are called through `require(subfolder.module-name)` from the main .lua file. But the documentation folder also contains a number of .lua files - one of which is necessary to compile the manual while the others are *listed* in the manual and should be available as examples.

I know that the .lua files usually end up in the "scripts" subtree of the TeX Live installation, but would it be possible to leave the .lua files from the documentation folder alone and keep them with the documentation? And if so, how would I indicate this? Also, what would be the appropriate link to point to in the manual (you'll find the example files in ...)?

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