xdvi figure rendering broken with gs 9.26

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jul 12 23:43:45 CEST 2019

    What do you think of xdvi using libgs sometime down the road?

In short, it's painful.

dvisvgm uses libgs. What we found is that, for TL, it must be dlopen()d
at runtime; otherwise, the shared library dependency (and the induced
dependency on libstdc++) makes the binary unusable on a plurality of
systems. Whereas distros would like to link with the libgs/libstdc++
that any particular release provides. You can see the lengths that
Martin G and I have gone to deal with in the dvisvgm sources in TL.

So ... if there's any way to keep the interface at the PostScript level,
that sounds a lot simpler to me. Is /execute et al. still available in
some private dictionary or something, maybe? Or maybe the gs people
would be willing to do that, since they said they were willing to "work
with" application developers affected by the removal of all those


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