Undesirable nul file with tlmgr.bat under Windows

"Torsten Schütze" Torsten.Schuetze at gmx.net
Thu Jul 11 11:14:30 CEST 2019


when I run

tlmgr.bat update --all --self

in a Bash shell under Cygwin with a Windows 10 system (TeXLive 2019, all updates included), I always get an unwanted nul file (obviously some html logging output. In the moment, it is the CTAN starting page, but sometimes its different log output). As nul as a file name has special meaning under Windows, I cannot simple remove the file by simple means (or even attach it to this eMail). So, my file system fills with different nul files, depending where I start the tlmgr update command.

For analysis, I renamed the nul file to null.html and attach it. (My SpeedCommander would not show any file size for nul.html, but null.html works.)


PS: Don't know if it works without bash, I always use Cygwin (closest approximation to Linux workflow).
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