tlcockpit error /macOS

Paulo Roberto Massa Cereda cereda.paulo at
Wed Jul 10 14:00:37 CEST 2019

Hi friends,

The Java community has made some significant changes on how JavaFX is 
shipped, and I am still puzzled on how to make things work on my end. As 
Norbert said, some systems require extra steps to make JavaFX available.

The easiest solution, in my humble opinion, is to downgrade your Java 
virtual machine to version 8. This particular version, if I recall 
correctly, is shipped with JavaFX into one single bundle. I think both 
Java 11 and 8 can easily coexist by setting the default virtual machine 
in the control panel.

Sadly, my Java configuration is far from being typical. I have at least 
a dozen virtual machines, with different versions and vendors (managed 
through So I can offer, perhaps, a compromise solution.

There is a Java virtual machine provided by Azul Systems, following the 
same version 11 specification, named ZuluFX, which includes JavaFX out 
of the box. You could get the macOS binary in this link (get the 11.0.3 
JRE version, which is a ZIP file):

Extract the ZIP file somewhere in your file system and add the bin/ 
folder to your PATH variable and call tlcockpit:

$ export PATH=/path/to/zulufx/bin:$PATH
$ tlcockpit

Hope it helps!



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