LuaTeX of TeXLive 2019 does not survive Sphinx tests

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Thu Jul 4 08:54:46 CEST 2019

Le 3 juil. 2019 à 22:56, Ulrike Fischer <news3 at> a écrit :

> But I won't hunt through the internet to assemble a minimal example
> for tests. 

The OpenSuse ticket:

OP has added there an archive of the Sphinx test, and the latex files are in _build/latex/

As I said I have no such issue at my locale.

I tested with current Sphinx master tip but the sphinxtests.tex file submitted to lualatex is quasi-identical with the one from the attachements to the OpenSuse ticket (I don't know which version of Sphinx the latter used).

The sole real difference is that my file has an added graphics inclusion which I comment out here

> \chapter{Sphinx image handling}
> \label{\detokenize{images:sphinx-image-handling}}\label{\detokenize{images::doc}}
> \noindent\sphinxincludegraphics{{img}.png}
> \noindent\sphinxincludegraphics[width=200\sphinxpxdimen,height=100\sphinxpxdimen]{{img1}.png}
> \noindent\sphinxincludegraphics{{img}.pdf}
> %%%%% \noindent\sphinxincludegraphics{{python-logo}.png} %%%% <<<---- this line not in the Suse report (I don't know which Sphinx it uses)
> \noindent\sphinxincludegraphics{{simg}.png}
> \noindent\sphinxincludegraphics{{svgimg}.pdf}
> \noindent\sphinxincludegraphics{{}.png}

The \sphinxincludegraphics is a macro wrapper of \includegraphics (which tests the image dimensions and adjust them to avoid flowing into margins, or worse, endless loop in some contexts (framed.sty)).

The first step would be for people with an OpenSuse distro to simply try a LaTeX file such as this one.

I am not making it minimal because I can't reproduce the issue anyhow.

\fi \sphinxpxdimen=.75bp\relax







The pdf  and png files are included in the OpenSuse ticket or available at the github repo I indicated previously.


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