[tex-live] How show pdf output?

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Mon Jan 28 18:02:15 CET 2019

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Hello anyone:

I have used TeX editors in the past, but my memory of how I did this is poor.

How do I show pdf output in any TeX editor? I have tried using BaKoMa, TeXworks, and TeXstudio, but I have never seen any pdf version.

I need extremely elementary guidance.

I know nothing of BaKoMa or TeXstudio. but TeXworks, out of the box, should automatically display the resulting PDF.  Try the following :

  *   Open TeXworks
  *   Tell it to create a new file (if it did not do so by default)
  *   Paste the next line into the new file
  *   Hello world\end
  *   Look in the "Compiler" drop-down and ensure that it reads either "PdfTeX" or "XeTeX"
  *   Press Ctrl+\
  *   Press the "Compile" button
  *   Accept the proposed filename and location
  *   Report back what happens

Philip Taylor
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