[tex-live] command line tools crash / buffer overflow with many parameters (mfplain/mpost)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Jan 19 23:37:28 CET 2019

Hi Hanno and all,

    mfplain $(seq 1 2000)
    mpost $(seq 1 2000)

Thanks for the report. Indeed, on x86_64-linux I get:
*** Error in `mpost': realloc(): invalid next size: 0x0000000002744fb0 ***
I'm sure Luigi will fix soon.

    eg> The same with mf.

Hmm, can't reproduce this with the x86_64-linux binaries currently in TL.
All of your (Enrico's) command lines work for me with mpost and mf, that
is, "can't find file `1'":

mf $(seq -w 1 69) 12
mpost $(seq -w 1 69) 12

And  mf $(seq 1 2000)  does not fail either (or 20000, or whatever).
Let me know what I'm missing ... --thanks, karl.

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