[tex-live] Supplied a custom PDF trailer ID with XeLaTeX/xdvipdfmx

Osipov, Michael michael.osipov at siemens.com
Tue Jan 8 11:32:38 CET 2019

Am 2019-01-04 um 18:30 schrieb Shunsaku Hirata:
>> Looks very good so far. I have made a negative test also by adding a
>> 17th byte 0xaa, but I did not receive an error, just:
>>> osipovmi at blnn719x:/tmp/584dc556-5abf-4b5e-aa16-8cf70743b243/src
>>> $ grep -a /ID ../build/index.pdf
>>> <</Type/XRef/Root 1 0 R/Info 2 0
>>> R/ID[<288ced1ae4f09aac705a2b516bb89703><288ced1ae4f09aac705a2b516bb89703>]/Size
>> That feels a bit awkward not failing here.
> Dvipdfmx actually gives a warning when invalid ID is supplied
> and then ignores it, however, the warning message is
> suppressed when dvipdfmx is called by XeTeX.

Alright, this is another issue then.

>> Anyway, do we have to wait for TL2019 for make use of this?
> I am not sure but you may need to build from source and
> install by yourself if you want to make use of it before TL2019
> release.

I did actually compiled an installed just this executable. While this 
was a no-brainer on FreeBSD, I have absolutely no idea how to do this on 
Windows. So I guess I will wait until April for the next version.

Thank you!

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