[tex-live] xindy and folders with non ascii chars

Richard M Kreuter kreuter at progn.net
Thu Sep 20 13:25:38 CEST 2018

"Akira Kakuto" writes:
> > So my guess is that the problem is with xindy-lisp.exe:
> > it either can't handle non-ascii file names at all, or gets confused
> > by the encoding of the path names in the temporary file. 
> Sorry for the inconvenience.
> I can find the message in pathname.c in clisp.
> "Position 13" is just a non-ascii character.
> So I guess that xindy_lisp.exe can't handle
> non-ascii file names.

This turns out to depend on how Clisp was built, at least.

If your distribution of Clisp contains a clisp.h file (or if you built
Clisp from source and have your build tree around, src/config.h), then
there's a macro definition for VALID_FILENAME_CHAR that defines what
bytes may occur in a filename.

For example, on one Ubuntu host I've got access to,
/usr/lib/clisp-2.49/linkkit/clisp.h contains this line:

#define VALID_FILENAME_CHAR ((ch >= 1) && (ch != 47))

On this Ubuntu host, the Lisp expression

  (parse-namestring "G:\\Z-Test\\jürgen\\S1Jt2cb7Dx")

returns, i.e., it does not error.

But on one OSX host where I've built Clisp from source, src/config.h

#define VALID_FILENAME_CHAR ((ch >= 1) && (ch <= 127) && (ch != 47))

and, indeed, on this OSX host, the earlier Lisp expression errors.

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