[tex-live] font stickstooMath-... is defined multiple times

Axel E. Retif axel.retif at gmail.com
Thu May 31 01:46:09 CEST 2018


>   > >> of RAM and the original disk drive ---it's updmap that is
>   > >> really, really faster.


>   > Oh, it really has changed a lot! Old timers like myself can attest
>   > to that!
> Hi Axel,
> you certainly have the shell script written by Thomas Esser in mind.

Yes, that's right! I started playing with TeX & Friends with Fink's 
teTeX (re-)distribution. Then I moved to Gerben Wierda's distribution, 
which took some parts from teTeX and others from TeXLive plus great 
additions by Gerben Wierda himself. My firsts real works were with gwTeX.

(Of course, that was on a Mac; nowadays I work on GNU/Linux.)

> Shell scripts don't work on Windows and thus Fabrice Popineau ported
> it to Perl and used it in fpTeX, the Windows version of teTeX.
> A few years ago I made Fabrice's Perl script work on Unix too and it's
> used in TeX Live on all supported platforms since then.  The modified
> Perl script was 30 times faster than the shell script for many
> reasons.

Every year, when I load the map files of my personal fonts, I can't help 
but remember how it was in the old times!

Thank you!



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