[tex-live] MacTex Bug: wget.x86_64-darwin is missing HTTPS support

Richard Koch richardmoncriefkoch at icloud.com
Thu May 17 18:30:28 CEST 2018


I agree with Mojca.

I looked into this very briefly. macOS contains openSSL, but Apple removed the headers in El Capitan and man pages no longer exist. I don't want to willy-nilly add a second static openSSL without knowing why they "deprecated" their own copy, but cannot find information on the web.

I did find a stackoverflow article on compiling wget with openssl support. This article ends with the statement "You may find wget cannot verify any https connection because there is no CA certs for the OpenSSL you built." The article then explains a solution, which involves creating /usr/local/ssl/cert.pem and making a symbolic link 

	ln -s /etc/ssl/crt.pem /usr/local/ssl/cert.pem. 

This is exactly the sort of thing we got rid of several years ago. MacTeX used to install libraries in /usr/local/lib. Now (except for Ghostscript) we avoid touching anything in /usr/local except /usr/local/texlive so TeX is isolated and cannot interfere in any way with the rest of the system. The wonderful design of TeX Live makes this possible! 

Dick Koch


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