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2018-05-15 15:46 GMT+02:00 Norbert Preining <norbert at preining.info>:

> > > You need to set up gpg-agent, we will not cache passwords.
> >
> > How? It seems that I have to install gpg-agent in WSL and then?
> Sorry, I meant ssh agent of course.... I use the gpg agent as ssh agent
> provider here, but for you probably ssh agent is the solution. I am
> using peagant from the putty family for ssh connectivity to github on
> intellj.
> Quick google gave many hints, one is here
> https://sachinsharm.wordpress.com/2015/05/04/pageant-ssh-
> agent-for-windows/
> > Regarding your last patches, they seem to work... notice my current
> installation of TL was corrupted by previous test and I need to recover fro
> a previous backup. For what I see, it asks the mbp password for each
> package to be updated...
> Of course, that is the way how ssh works, what did you expect? Every
> file is copied via scp, thus every time a login session is started and
> thus your password asked.

Alternatively you can generate two keys (public and private) on your client
and put the public key to authorized_keys on the server. If your private
key has no password (if you believe in security of your computer), the keys
will be used in each connection and no password will be needed. On the
contrary, the agents ask the passwprd only once and cache it for some time.

> You need ssh agent ;-)
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