[tex-live] bug report of bibtex

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat May 12 01:12:11 CEST 2018

    Latexmk maintainer here.

Hi John.

    the bibtex run fails if the document uses \include.

Ah. Indeed :(.

    create appropriate symlinks in the output directory, which is

Agreed this is ugly.

    (b) OS dependent as to whether it works.

You could copy instead of symlink the files (on Windows, or everywhere).
Still agreed that it is ugly :).

    What would be nice would be for bibtex to change its behavior to look 
    for the other input files in the directory of the primary aux file.

Sounds plausible to me for bibtex to look for the aux files in the
directory of the main aux file. For compatibility, probably do this
after looking up the name as-is, although in practice I doubt that
it would matter.

Since bibtex uses no path for looking up aux files, I see no way to get
it to look in the --output-directory now for the subsidiary .aux's. I
can't think of any other approach you're missing, unfortunately.


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