[tex-live] Deployment of TL 2018 (on multiple computers): release or updated?

Denis Bitouzé denis.bitouze at univ-littoral.fr
Wed May 9 17:26:34 CEST 2018

Le 09/05/18 à 17h08, Zdenek Wagner a écrit :

>> IMHO, mounting the `.iso' file is a better way: it is instantaneous :)
> You can have network installation for those who can mount it using GB
> LAN.

Well, not sure to understand this (it is beyond my IT skills :)

> You can make an .iso from the network installation and give it
> to those who will copy it from USB and mount it locally. Thus you can
> have a flexible system without too much work.

I would require a GB LAN: not sure about this in the departments where
I give these courses.

What would be the benefit over my current method? If I understand
correctly, I would save the time of copying the `.iso' file on my (old)
USB sticks but the students would waste time to copy from the LAN on
their own USB sticks.

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