[tex-live] Deployment of TL 2018 (on multiple computers): release or updated?

Lars Madsen daleif at math.au.dk
Wed May 9 17:12:32 CEST 2018

I haven't used the ISO in years, for installation does it just contain the tlnet folder?

Because then you might just make your own ISO from an rsync'ed copy on the tlnet folder from one of the mirrors

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2018-05-09 16:59 GMT+02:00 Denis Bitouzé <denis.bitouze at univ-littoral.fr<mailto:denis.bitouze at univ-littoral.fr>>:
Le 09/05/18 à 14h47, Lars Madsen a écrit :

> We usually ask the students to copy the tlnet folder to their harddisk
> and then pass on the USB.

>From where do they copy the tlnet tree?

> But copying loads and loads of small files are super slow in windows
> so that copying takes about 10-20min and then comes then installation.

Indeed, too long.

> We tried zipping the TL tree such that is it is only one file to copy,
> which is faster, but takes just as long time to unzip in Windows.

I had exactly the same trouble before I discovered WinCDEmu: the
students who didn't own DameonTools or similar proprietary software
could "extract" the `.iso' file with WinZip (okay, proprietary as well
but rather common on Windows some years ago) or 7-zip, but it took too
much time.

> Sometimes, my cloning script is just faster to use, but I haven't
> touch that script in years. (then you'd only need to unzip a file tree
> and run a script afterwards, still takes time)

IMHO, mounting the `.iso' file is a better way: it is instantaneous :)

You can have network installation for those who can mount it using GB LAN. You can make an .iso from the network installation and give it to those who will copy it from USB and mount it locally. Thus you can have a flexible system without too much work.


Zdenek Wagner

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