[tex-live] mactex installer overwrites excalibur dictionaries

Sven de Vries devries at uni-trier.de
Sat Mar 24 12:55:39 CET 2018


thank you for working and the 2018 update!

However, I noticed a small glitch (in my usage case):

I use the Excalibur spellchecker, that is installed in /Applications/TeX/ 
. However it stores its dictonaries along the binary (sadly).

Given that the mactexinstaller overwrites the /Applications/TeX-folder,
the user's dictionaries are gone thereafter. As a user, I will move my 
Excalibur-Folder directly into the applicationfolder.
For the installer, it would be nice of course, if it could move the 
dictionaries aside before overwriting them.


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