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Justin C. Walker justin at me.com
Fri Mar 23 22:49:27 CET 2018

> On Mar 23, 2018, at 15:24 , pilot constatinus <constatinus at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, dear texlive. I was wondering how can i build pdflatex, a latex compiler for pdf. Even if i built my tl with ./configure --enable-all-pkgs, under texk/web2c there is no pdflatex, only pdftex and some other tools. How is it that i can find this only in debian repository and cant build it myself? I have acctually downloaded the source texlive-full from the repo and i dont seem to know how to do anything with it. Thanks in advance.

pdflatex is actually a symbolic link to pdftex (at least on Unix-like systems).  This means that the actual program will behave as Philip describes, and decides this by looking at the name by which it is invoked.



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