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Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 03:06:08 CET 2018

** Igor Ya. Spectorsky [2018-03-19 00:01:40 +0200]:

> Hello!
> I have been using MiKTeX for a long while, but now I have to switch to
> TeXLive. It was not difficult to download TeXLive and install it on our
> Windows PC. However, I have some tex macros which are used in my TeX
> sources. These macros are collected in the separate directory d:\local texmf
> which is not taught while reinstalling TeX for a new version. Such approach
> works well with MiKTeX:

and that works fine with TeX Live, though there is no special GUI tool
for that, see

Assume that you installed TeX Live into C:\texlive\2017 (or
C:\texlive\2018), then put your private macros and other TeX stuff into
C:\texlive\texmf-local (you may simply copy content of D:\local texmf
into that directory), of course it must follow TDS. And don't use space
character for names either files or directories if you want to be on
safe side.

> it was very easy do add user directory and update FNDB. However,
> within TeXLive I cannot find where and how to change in order to add
> my directory in FNDB list. I found some config files where are some
> directory variables described. However, they are not environment vars
> (not displayed by set command) , so I cannot realized where they are
> saved.

You have to read the documentation but I would suggest to not mess with
env. variables if don't know the full story behind that.
> So, the question is: please tell the reference for some docs with more
> or less detailed instructions how to add my own TeX directory to FNDB
> list.  Thanks in advance for any idea.

For example,
some more details can be found here
and here (this is a kind of FNDB)
but I think just using 'texmf-local' will be enough in your case.

> Igor
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