[tex-live] Cannot update TeXLive Manager 2017 under Windows 10

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Mar 19 00:33:06 CET 2018


you seem to have a very old TeX Live 2017, or never updated.

> 2. Nonetheless, if I now open TexLive Manager 2017, select a single installed package (I tried scheme-basic), and click the Update button, I get the same ”Running update scheme-basic failed: error, then when closing that get the “perl.exe stopped working”  error.

Nothing I can help about, this is strange Windows error.

> I click the Update the TexLive Manager button, which completes successfully.

Good, Windows is an arbitrary system, outcome of operations is
determined by solar wind fluctuations, so there is nothing one can do
about it but bear it or change to Linux.

>      Executing action update
>      TeXLive 2017 is frozen forever…

That is fine and correct.

> tlmgr.pl: package repository http://ctan.sharelatex.com/tex-archive/systems/texlive/tlnet (not verified: gpg unavailable)

Why is it back here?

Did you save the utah server?

I am not sure whether this archive is correct or uptodate.

> [  1/425] auto-remove: texconfig ... done
> [  2/425] auto-remove: hyperref-docsrc ... done
> [  3/425] auto-remove: knuthotherfonts ... done
> [  4/425, ??:??/??:??] update: abnt [94k] (45163 -> 45655) ... done
> [  5/425, 00:02/03:47:27] update: achemso [890k] (44425 -> 46557) ... TLUtils::check_file: removing C:\Users\myaccount\AppData\Local\Temp\oeRIgA4Tiu\CRuluMMpaZ\achemso.tar.xz, checksums differ:
> TLUtils::check_file:   TL=612100bcb37c6ffadd401487e4bca6b2ae89a0994553a8668962282682c1d66265a5bc0c04db43749cacbdbcf0e7bd76afabef8baa36111c4bdf7b23e07b216b, arg=0013cc836f58fd82f603868b2fda4780070a0d64601a7bbcb96ce9fe253e1af0ba25eaf00947b1943544abd0030506c1b4d2ba35fdedbd9a83b8f7123e3129b0

Please stop using the sharelatex.com server, it seems to be borken.

I recommend
  tlmgr option repository ctan
and then 
  tlmgr update --all


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