[tex-live] Cannot update TeXLive Manager 2017 under Windows 10

Murray Eisenberg murray at math.umass.edu
Tue Mar 13 22:45:51 CET 2018

I’m running TeXLive Manager 2017 with tlmgrgui version 44719 and tlmgr revision 46207 under Windows 10. If I try to update all installed packages, I get a Warning window: “Running update failed. Please cosult log window for details”. If I click OK, the I get a pop-up error that perl.exe has stopped working, and the only option is to click the button in that pop-up to close the tlmgrgui program. 

(1) Where is that log window? Is it tjust he pane at the bottom of the tlmgrgui window? 

The pane at the bottom of the tlmgrgui window says to run “tlmgr update —self” (or to download the latest version). But if I run that command, the update seems to run to completion without any error message. But then if I start the GUI again and try to update all installed, I’m back where I started with the “perl.exe has stopped working” , but if I do that, I get the same “pearl.exe” .

Here’s c:\texlive\2017\temp\update-self.log:

C:\Users\myaccunt>if [:doit] == [:doit] goto :doit 
C:\Users\me\myaccount>set prompt=TL$G 
TL>title TeX Live Manager 2017 Update 
TL>set PERL5LIB=C:/texlive/2017/tlpkg/tlperl/lib 
TL>echo TeX Live infrastructure update in progress ... 1>con 
TL>echo Detailed command logging to "C:\texlive\2017\temp\update-self.log" 1>con 
TL>chdir /d "C:\texlive\2017\temp\.." 
TL>if not errorlevel 1 goto :update 
TL>for %I in (tlperl.win32.tar) do (
temp\tar.exe -xmf temp\%I  
 if errorlevel 1 goto :rollback 
temp\tar.exe -xmf temp\tlperl.win32.tar  
 if errorlevel 1 goto :rollback 
TL>tlpkg\tlperl\bin\perl.exe .\texmf-dist\scripts\texlive\tlmgr.pl _include_tlpobj tlpkg\tlpobj\tlperl.win32.tlpobj 
TL>if errorlevel 1 goto :rollback 
TL>echo [Tue 03/13/2018 17:36:43.86] self update: tlperl.win32 (43927 -> 45751) 1>>"C:/texlive/2017/texmf-var/web2c/tlmgr.log" 
TL>echo self update: tlperl.win32 (43927 -> 45751) 1>con 
TL>del "C:\texlive\2017\temp\*.tar" "C:\texlive\2017\temp\tar.exe"  
TL>echo Infrastructure update finished successfully. 1>con 
TL>echo You may now close this window. 1>con 
TL>rem  1>con 
TL>exit /b 0 

(In case it makes any difference, Windows 10 is running as a guest, i.e., virtual machine, under Parallels Desktop 13 Pro for Mac under macOS 10.13.3. But it should not really make any difference, because the executables are being run by Windows, not the host Mac, and the file activity seems to be confined to the Windows own drive C:.)

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