[tex-live] Xindy

Richard Koch koch at uoregon.edu
Fri Mar 9 00:41:44 CET 2018


I have resolved the Xindy problems on the Macintosh, modulo one mystery.

Through 2016, my private build instructions for TeX Live contained the following comment:

"# The next section is about xindy. In 2011, the xindy.mem and xindy.run files from compiling do not
# work due to unexplained problems in CLisp. However, the 2010 versions of these files do work
# and the files should be unchanged. So following advice from Joachim Schrod, we use 2010 versions

Then in 2017, there is a mystery. At that moment, we started compiling in Yosemite, and apparently
xindy.mem and xindy.run worked fine, so the instructions about using the 2010 versions were

I have just discovered that this year, 2018, the files produced by both CLisp 2,49 and CLisp 2.49.99
no longer work. If they are replaced by the 2017 versions, then xindy works, Moreover, if they
are replaced by the 2010 versions, xindy again works.

I don't intend to proceed further. According to Karl Berry, there have been almost no xindy changes
for some time, so I'll return to the instructions which replace the current versions of
xindy,.mem and xindy.run by the 2010 versions whenever binaries are built.

If xindy changes in the future, I sympathize with the poor slob who will need to resolve this mystery,

Richard Koch

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