[tex-live] Xindy (follow-up)

Akira Kakuto kakuto at fuk.kindai.ac.jp
Thu Mar 8 13:50:32 CET 2018

Dear Bruno,

>  Running filter: "/Library/TeX/texbin/tex2xindy" <"/var/folders/sv/xbhqb27j7nz_18p7g94st6tw0000gn/T/GKVyAME4nO" 
>  >"/var/folders/sv/xbhqb27j7nz_18p7g94st6tw0000gn/T/EzSKEKH9xF"

>  and that's it: no further Terminal output, no .ind file, just the prompt "$" back.

>  Using the -d option with any magic keyword (script, level=, etc.) yields the same output

In the case of texindy -d script -v ...
The output should be

Running filter: "/Library/TeX/texbin/tex2xindy" <"/var/folders/sv/xbhqb27j7nz_18p7g94st6tw0000gn/T/GKVyAME4nO" 
filtered xindy input file: "/var/folders/sv/xbhqb27j7nz_18p7g94st6tw0000gn/T/EzSKEKH9xF"
... ...

if the filter tex2xindy worked OK.


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