[tex-live] suggestion: include kbordermatrix in TeXLive

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Wed Mar 7 21:55:36 CET 2018

	Hi all,

> The website for any of these licenses will show you how to properly
> apply the license to your code. You can also check CTAN for some
> examples in other packages. Software licensing can be a complex and
> sometimes emotionally-charged topic (in some circles). So, if you want
> to keep it simple, I'd recommend LPPL[1] for a small LaTeX package.
> That's what most other LaTeX packages use. But the final decision is
> obviously up to you as the package author.

  Actually, since Kim mentions he doesn’t want the responsibility of
maintaining kbordermatrix, I’d recommend against the LPPL in his case,
since it explicitly requires to name a maintainer.  Simple licences that
do not have this requirement include the MIT licence (in the version by
the Open Source Initiative, https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT -- there
are somewhat different wordings), and the 2-clause and 3-clause BSD
licences (https://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-2-Clause and



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