[tex-live] tlmgr pre-pretest gives wrong message

Stephan Lukasczyk tex at lukasczyk.me
Mon Mar 5 12:56:54 CET 2018

Hi all,

I am aware that the pretest for TL2018 has not officially started, yet.
Nevertheless, I did an installation according to the information on the
web site yesterday from the CSTUG pretest mirror, and asked tlmgr for
today's update list.

It told me that “TeX Live 2018 is frozen forever (…)”, which is the
message I expected (and encountered) from TL2017's tlmgr but not from
the 2018 version.  Although printing this message, tlmgr 2018 also
outputs the list of possible package updates, e.g., luatex from v46798
to v46824.

If this message appears on purpose, sorry for the noise.

Thank you for your effort in developing TeX Live!


Stephan Lukasczyk
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