[tex-live] Fwd: problem contacting TeXLive team

dicknickalls at doctors.org.uk dicknickalls at doctors.org.uk
Sat Mar 3 12:10:05 CET 2018

Hi Karl,

many thanks for getting back and for correcting the TeXLive placement of
the rubikrotation.1  man file.
Much appreciated :-)

As regards communication with the TeXLive team,
I feel it would be helpful if an email address (a general team address)
were placed on the TeXLive webspage- there is no such just now.
  --OK we can go via  office at tug.org when really stuck,
(as I did) but an address on the TeXLive page would be very useful.

The problem is that some folks are not too familiar with all the various 
news groups
and hence don't use them (I am one of them I guess).

anyway - many thanks to you and all the TeXLive team -
I get the TeXLive DVD each year, and find it an amazingly valuable 


RWD Nickalls,
Cheltenham, UK.
TEL: +44(0)1242-231-225
EMAIL: dick at nickalls.org
WEB: www.nickalls.org/dick/

On 2018-03-03 00:22, Karl Berry wrote:

> Hi Dick - thanks for the note. I updated TeX Live so that
> rubikrotation.1 is in the man1/ dir. Glad you noticed.
> As for contact info, http://tug.org/texlive/lists.html [1] has all the
> mailing lists. The general one is cc'd here.
> Happy puzzling,
> Karl

[1] http://tug.org/texlive/lists.html

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