[tex-live] texdoc texlive.tlpdb cache-tlpdb.lua

texlive at schoepfer.info texlive at schoepfer.info
Sun Jul 22 08:41:29 CEST 2018

Hi Takuto,

> I'm afraid there's no sophisticated way to do that except setting the
> environment variable, like Norbert is saying, at this point.
> JFYI, copying texmf-var/texdoc/cache-tlpdb.lua to
> texmf-dist/scripts/texdoc/Data.tlpdb.lua, which is the official way to
> activate Texdoc without shipping texlive.tlpdb, is supported by the
> build script.

manually copying works, but i still need to keep 
/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb(after generatig the data, an empty texlive.tlpdb 
also works) which is not good for packaging.

I compile texlive from the official release, but texdoc comes by tlnet 
(no makefile/rakefile), which was no issue with texlive 2017.

What do other package distributors do since texdoc 3.0?


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