[tex-live] xii.tex not found by kpsewhich/pdftex

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Dec 30 23:47:46 CET 2018

    this is contrary to the documentation which says to issue "pdftex xii.tex"

I chose not to install xii.tex and related in the runtime. Unless David
instructs me otherwise, this will not change.  The documentation does
not (and cannot) guarantee that you can run "pdftex xii.tex" in any
context whatsoever.

Obviously, if you run it in the doc directory, or copy the file
somewhere, it works. If one doesn't know enough to do this, the chances
of understanding xii.tex seem extremely small.

    $ kpsewhich xii.tex
    returns nothing

kpsewhich --format=doc xii.tex


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