[tex-live] tlmgr working despite laptop wifi off ?!

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Sun Dec 30 10:10:36 CET 2018

Le 30 déc. 2018 à 09:53, jfbu <jfbu at free.fr> a écrit :

> It appeared that tlmgr was in fact succesfully connecting to the Internet
> despite my mac book air pretending the WIFI to be OFF and the
> corresponding icon in menu-bar confirming it
> I am certain of it, because at that location where I was the WIFI is very
> poor and I often have to move near the entrance door, turn off and
> back on the WIFI in order for the laptop to connect again.
> And indeed this is what I did yesterday to reestablish connection
> to my WIFI network. It took me at least thirty seconds, and after that
> I executed tlmgr again, with success and very same packages updated.

I expressed myself in an unclear way. I meant that establishing WIFI
connection from that location is always a bit complicated, that
the WIFI was off, and for me to turn it on does not mean simply
toggling its status via its menubar icon, it means I have to stand up
walk about 3 meters to the right, turn WIFI on, check it connects
to the right network, and the move back to my initial position.

And this is what I did after having accidentally executed tlmgr
while the WIFI was off. I iterativly CTRL-C'ed it during this WIFI off
phase, because it was acting in a spooky frightening way,
managing to download package without the WIFI officially on.

Only after that did I stand up and moved to turn the WIFI on
and then re-executed tlmgr update --all

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