[tex-live] Add rmpost in shell_escape_commands ??

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Dec 21 19:58:17 CET 2018

Back on this thread from May 2017 (sorry).

    hy> Would it be possible to have new commands like
    > * "rmpost" (mpost -restricted)
    > * "rpmpost" (pmpost -restricted)
    > * "rupmpost" (upmpost -restricted)

I hope this is still relevant. I just committed a change (r49471) to TL
to make these links at install time as usual. (I did nothing about Windows.)

I also mentioned (in a half-dozen words or so) these changes in the man
page. Is there any maintained web page with more information about

Luigi: please import into your upstream repo (where is it?) as needed.

    > And also, would it be possible/safe to have "rmpost" added to
    > shell_escape_commands again?

I hope so, though I did not do any serious testing. I changed the source
kpathsea/texmf.cnf to include rmpost. Should the other two be included
too, or does it matter?

I note there is a program "pmpost" which is some kind helper for the
"Performance Co-Pilot"; it is installed in /usr/libexec/pcp/bin on
CentOS7. Oh well. I also note the names "rmpost" and "rpmpost" look
rather misleading (as in "remove post[something]", "rpm post[action]"),
but nevertheless, I see no better convention to adopt.

If no problems come up, I'll make the changes in the runtime in a couple
of days so we can propagate the new versions and see what happens.
--thanks, karl.

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