[tex-live] Supplied a custom PDF trailer ID with XeLaTeX/xdvipdfmx

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Dec 17 23:17:05 CET 2018

    Currently there are no way to directly specify IDs in PDF trailer.
    However I think it is not difficult to add such feature to dvipdfmx.
    I will consider implementing it.

pdftex has (for ages) had a command \pdftrailer{...} to change the
trailer text. More recently, we also added \pdftrailerid to seed the /ID
value in the trailer.

In general, it seems it would be nice if xetex had analogous commands to
pass through to a new capability of dvipdfmx, instead of requiring users
to intervene in the dvipdfmx call. Jonathan? (Or Joseph or ...?)
--thanks, karl.

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