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Denis Bitouzé dbitouze at wanadoo.fr
Mon Dec 10 16:08:31 CET 2018

Le 10/12/18 à 15h41, Alois Steindl a écrit :

> Am 10.12.18 um 11:14 schrieb Denis Bitouzé:
>> If you explain to students that, in order to use LaTeX (sometimes they
>> have no sympathy for it at a first glance), they have to resell their
>> current S-mode Windows computer for an old laptop on which they must
>> install Linux and learn how to use it, before learning how to use LaTeX,
>> they will merely laugh at you and will give up...
> Hello,


> it's certainly not that dramatic: They can keep their computer and use
> it for the possible purposes.
> But one could tell them, that it will be impossible to run a lot of
> useful programs on it.
> It's then up to them to decide. Quite likely, a considerable number of
> them will avoid LaTeX. But I would bet, that most of these would quite
> soon quit using LaTeX also for other reasons. As teacher you can tell
> your students, that the documents produced with Word are really ugly
> and a pain to write and read. But if the students are not willing to
> follow your advice, it's up to them. I wouldn't regard it as really
> bad for the community to loose those students.

My experience is the following. Among the students I trained to LaTeX:

- in our technological institute, at least 20% of them still use it when
  they leave, especially the ones who join engineering schools. And,
  quite often, they are very happy to use there LaTeX instead of Word
  (and make other students feel jealous of them). However, only a few of
  them still use it later in their professional life, often because they
  can't use it.
- in institute for math teacher training, more than 80% of them still
  use it when they become teachers.
- in our doctoral school, more than 90% of them still use it.

It would be unfortunate for these students to not have been introduced
to LaTeX.

About "students [who] are not willing to follow [my] advice", the
problem is, they maybe would follow it if they would assist to 3 or
4 training sessions, which is a minimum to demonstrate the benefits of
LaTeX over Word. But they probably won't subscribe to my sessions, or
maybe just the 1st one, if they know or are facing all these new
complications due to this S-mode.

All the best.

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